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Pilates & Barre Class

Join Nicole Wallen, owner of Barre Evolution and Mt. Pleasant Pilates, for a 60-minute Mat Pilates/Barre Evolution class at The Social at 123 Pitt St.! Participants will enjoy an hour of favorite “off the barre”and mat pilates techniques designed to spike metabolic burn, strengthen muscles, and increase balance & flexibility. Nicole will also help those suffering from neck, back, knee, and shoulder injuries. Celebrate your hard work with post-class wine, cheese and mingling!

Cost is $20 which includes one glass of Rose bubbly!!

You can sign up at:  http://bit.ly/BEcourtyard

Or you can pay at the class with cash, card or check

June 14th 6:30pm-8:00pm

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The Benefits of a 24/7 Gym


Working out at different times during the week has a proven track record for benefits for your body. Not only does it relieve the stress of scheduling, but it allows you to break up your workouts if you are in training mode. If you like a quiet atmosphere in the gym, a 24/7 gym is perfect for you. Find the down times and commit to being there during these times. Convenience is the number one reason people keep showing up to work out. Now you have no excuses! Check out the Old Village Gym; Rob would be happy to convince you even more! http://oldvillagegym.com/